Haaaavvve ya met Trof????

02.02.2017 Author — TROF

SO……2016 was……. dramatic, and 2017 is shaping up to be a real doozie too. After possibly the most depressing year since Gareth Gates came second to Will Young in the finals of pop idol, we continue to hear reports on how democracy and the free world as we know it, falls face first into a puddle of its own vom, made of heaving chunks of alternative facts and a soup of tired remastered franchises and next gen technology no one can afford. Yet there are still plenty of smiles here at Trof as we boldly venture into the second month of the year still determined to make this one greater in every way than the last.

With Brexit looming over our heads and woman everywhere going into episodic meltdowns due to European courgette shortages, we at Trof  are here to turn the tide on these depressing times by injecting some luuurve back into your life.

Come  14th of Feb, men nationwide will be rushing the shops panic buying diet busting chocolates, smelly perfumes and lingerie that doesn’t fit anyone. Some of us will be whisked away on premeditated getaways for gondola rides, and candle lit meals atop the Eiffel tower, while the rest of us sit at home crying into our shreddies as we stalk their Facebook profiles knowing that, we could have  the same,  if we could only find someone who doesn’t mind coming to the toilet with us every time our gluten allergy flares up, or doesn’t care about wether our internet browsing history deems us strange and unusual to society. 

Well we say NO MORE of this wallowing! For Valentines this year we are mixing it up and bringing what will soon be known as the greatest valentines day quiz to ever happen anytime anyplace, anywhere any-space. We guarantee fun frolics and maybe even a little flirting, so forget spending all your money on a hotel room your just going to sleep in and wipe away those lonely tears because Trof has your love life sorted.

So grab your fave human/s and get down to troff on valentines day and let the waters of love wash over you like the 10 out of 10’s you all are, we have a great quiz planned, themed cocktails and the best atmosphere the NQ can offer for you to get your smoulder going and try out your worst lines.

see you there x