Roast Your Mum!!

21.03.2017 Author — TROF

So we’re three weeks into the month, still over a week until payday, and we’re all a bit skint.


What we all really need is a all expenses paid trip to Cuba, to kick back, cast off the shackles of responsibility and OH SHIT ITS MOTHERS DAY THIS WEEK!!!

Your mother,You’re the apple of her eye, she’ll do anything for you!!  a limitless font  of unconditional love and quick and easy 0% interest loans. Even through the transparent white lies about how incredible things are going at work and how your eating really well when back in reality your co workers have never really seen you sober and a basics block of cheese and a bottle of lemonade can get you through an entire weekend. let’s admit it, some of the things we do when our mothers aren’t around, would really make Jesus weep into his cab sav!! You probably haven’t bought anything, or forgotten because, well lets admit, who budgets for extra commercial holidays! But this woman brought you into this world like the lion king/queen you are, and a extra special lady deserves an extra special day out.


Anywaaayy, there’s no need to panic!! TROF, your wing wan in love and life has, like always, got your back, and it can be our little secret!! We’re going to help you treat your mum!! Come join us on Mother’s Day, for ‘Roast your mum’. For those of you that are expecting an episode of roast your mum, calm your loins, this isn’t Comedy Central !! We’re just letting you have a free meal for your mum!! The only catch is, you’ve just got to pay for yourself !! So basically you buy one, and you get one free! I SAID YOU BUY ONE, AND GET ONE FREE!! 

Hurry up though, and get yourself a table booked asap. Major brownie points are at stake!!!! 


Remember! Sunday is Mumday!!!!