Trof Dogs

28.06.2016 Author — TROF

You’d be quick to think this blog is about hotdogs but think again Troffers!

We’ve said good bye to the Trof Dog and hello to all things canine! With dogs becoming the modern man’s best friend in this ever growing city of ours every Tom, Dick & Harry seems to have one by their side, but that’s a good thing!

We’ve always been fans of the four legged feline foes but as of last year we have welcomed them with open arms into the Trof fold. Big & small we welcome them all however they must be on their best behavior and we suggest avoiding late evenings to keep your pup happy!

We’ve got bowls at the ready and plenty of eager staff with heavy hands for petting!



If you snap your pooch at Trof make sure you tag us on social for a chance to win some scran & booze!