What the hell is Bourbon anyway?

04.04.2016 Author — TROF

Ah Bourbon. Delicious, delicious Bourbon. Trof has a whole bar dedicated to the stuff called, imaginatively, the Bourbon Bar. We think that Bourbon is ace.

However, despite it’s aceness we’re willing to bet that a few of you, out there in the internet, don’t really know what Bourbon is. This is bad. If you don’t know what Bourbon is, then you aren’t going to try it and you’ll miss out on all the deliciousness. Because it is DELICIOUS.

So what is Bourbon?

Bourbon is a whiskey. Whiskey is spirit made from fermented grains and aged in barrels. However, not all whiskeys are bourbon. There are certain rules that must be obeyed if you want to call the whiskey you’ve made a bourbon. If you don’t obey them, you can’t call it a bourbon. It’s against the law and the US government will get very annoyed at you. No one wants that. OBEY THE RULES.

RULE ONE: Bourbon has to be made in U.S.A.

RULE TWO: The grains you begin your whiskey making with must be at least 51% corn.

RULE THREE: Your Bourbon has to have been aged in new, charred oak barrels.

RULE FOUR: Bourbon must not contain any added flavouring, colouring or other additives.


And that’s it. Well, it isn’t really. It’s more complicated than that. There are some other rules, and whilst they are important, they are super boring so we shan’t bother mentioning them here.

Right then, people of the internet, now you know what Bourbon is. Except you don’t. Not really. You know some of it’s legal requirements and that, but you have to TRY it to really know what Bourbon is all about.

Bloody good job we’ve got a dedicated Bourbon Bar int it?

Not only do we have a shedload of Bourbons…

Trof Bar, Manchester // Lifestyle Commercial Photography // www.samdocker.co.uk

… and some tasty Bourbon cocktails…

Trof Bar, Manchester // Lifestyle Commercial Photography // www.samdocker.co.uk

…we’ve always got our Bourbon of the Week deal on so you can try a bad ass Bourbon at a knock down price.


Right then, you know what to do next…