Glad tidings at Trof!

08.10.2018 Author — TROF

It’s getting to that time of year again where Christmas is starting to creep into our minds and diaries, and the thought of the festive planning is spooking a fair few of us who like to be as organised as possible.


Have you found yourself asking any of the following questions:

How long it takes to cook a six tonne turkey?

Which boyfriend will Aunt Meredith will bring to Christmas dinner this year?

How many Lynx Africa/sock box sets will you have to pretend to adore come Christmas morning?

Where are you going to take the fancy new office out, that oozes Christmas cool and pizazz but also caters to Deborah’s delicate palate? 

Relax my amigo, we’ve got this.


We can’t give you all of the answers but hear ye, hear ye – we’ve got your Christmas dining sorted!

Dreadful jumpers at the ready, join us for proper Christmassy goodness and glad tidings at Trof. Head Chef Martin and our crack team of culinary geniuses have curated a 3-course dining menu and a tasty yuletide buffet spread to fill your boots and stockings this wonderful year.

Check out the goods below and be sure to group mail out the menus to the office so you have some prime kitchen chat on your next coffee break. You’re welcome!


If you want to have a natter or finalise details with our team, feel free to drop us a call or an email and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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