26.04.2019 Author — TROF

Our wonderful Head Chef Martin has moved onto pastures new, and sous chef Vas is stepping into his shoes (they’re very big ones to fill). So, who even is Vas anyway? We caught up with him for a quick chat about work, food & even found out he’s a hero!


What’s your name & where you come from?

I’m Vas, & I was born in Rhodes, Greece.


Cool. So what brought you to Manchester then?

Well, I moved to England in 2012, & I was presented an opportunity as a Sous Chef in Manchester so that brought me here. I’ve been here at Trof as Sous since October.


How long have you been a chef?

I went to college in Rhodes for culinary arts, so pretty much always. Before college I was a lifeguard at a water park back home – I’ve actually saved lives! I saved an old English guy from out of a wave pool, & he kept buying my Coca Colas all day because I couldn’t drink on the job.


Okay Baywatch! Biggest difference between cheffing here and in Greece?

I’d say the products. Things like tomatoes for example – local ones would be sweeter in Greece. It’s not any better than here, just different flavour. England is at a higher level with things like health & safety, though it’s getting better & better over there. Here people eat out a lot and it’s more restaurant food, people in Greece do a lot more home cooking in my experience.


Yep, cba cooking. Anyway, what was your best day at work ever?

My first time at Innovation Day! All the Sous Chefs from the Mission Mars venues have a cook off & compare ideas. I just thought it was really interesting, & I hadn’t done anything like it before. Maybe I should say when Martin told me he was leaving… ‘cos now I get that money! Haha.


Most embarrassing moment?

 Out of work, probably when after 9 hours of drinking on a Bruges stag do I decided to jump in every bush I saw. I don’t remember any of it, but my asscheeks were bleeding in the morning!



Three things you absolutely cannot live without?

It’s bad but my phone! I just need it for stuff. watching basketball and catching up with internet friends, emails, its just necessary. Second – coffee! And I couldn’t live without music.


Back to the food. Everyone wants to ask the chef – what’s your fave food?

Hmm…. pasta bolognese. or a risotto. Italian food is my favourite undoubtably. At home, I like to make Indian dishes ‘cos I love spicy food. But I like cooking everything at home! I wish I had the right oven for pizzas, too.


We love that! What about fave Trof dish?

Favourite Trof dish… probably the mushrooms on toast. Yep. I’m a big fan of mushrooms, a big fan of parmesan. It’s just lovely. Crispy duck egg is always a winner, too.


Dream restaurant job?

I’m watching chef’s table on Netflix – there’s lots of people on that I want to follow for the day or work with. I’ve been Instagram stalking them all! I’d love to travel and cook maybe. But I love Trof of course!


Congrats to Vas – catch him around the bar!