P I L L O W * T A L K

P I L L O W * T A L K

Aug 2023

Interviewer – How are we darling?

Austin – Very well.

Interviewer – Amazing – LET’S DO THIS.


Interviewer – Tell me Austin – how long have you been D Jing?

Austin – Ermmm. I think – Yeah 15 years.

Interviewer – Really? How old are you again?


No let’s be serious – Okay – What got you into D Jing?

Austin – Well. I think I obviously always had an interest in music. Naturally, that starts with being in bands growing up.

Interviewer – What kind of band?

Austin – All sorts really. I was in a metal band, pop punk bands. I was actually in a folk band – we were pretty good.

Interviewer – What was the band called?

Austin – Mexican Kids at Home.


But I ended up buying a set of turn tables – started playing at 18TH birthday parties, student flat parties when I was at uni and then eventually realised I could make more money.

Interviewer – More money than the folk band?

Austin – Ha! Yeah for sure.

Interviewer – I think I know the answer – but who is your idol? Right – Let’s say this after 3. 1….2…3

Both – PRINCE!!!

Austin – Genuinely the greatest musician. Artist. Visionary of all time. And the dancing. Honestly.

Interviewer – Favourite song by Prince?

Austin – Ahhhhhh come onn.

Interviewer – If you had to pick!

Austin – Gotta be. Diamonds and Pearls.

Interviewer – Classic. I’m gonna go – Get off. Wait no. Cream? I can’t decide.

What’s your favourite venue to DJ? OTHER THAN TROF.

Austin – Ha. Yes besides from Trof, I’d say – Gorilla definitely & Exhibition.

Interviewer – How would you explain your style of D Jing?

Austin – Open format. Quick mixing. Live mash ups.

Interviewer – And the dance floor you use with your fingers!!

Austin – Ha! Yeah the sample pad.

Interviewer – Love that thing! What’s the most annoying song request?

Austin – Drake or Rhianna.


Interviewer – You answered that so quickly!!!

Who’s your favourite DJ then?

Austin – Skratch Bastid. More recently DJ Koco. Erm – A – Trak & Jazzy Jeff.

Interviewer – How long have you been D Jing at Trof?

Austin – A lonnnggg ass time. Before I even moved to Manchester – I’d say 10 years. Fucking hell yeah.

Interviewer – 10 YEARS!!! That’s absolutely mental. And tell me about the night we used to have here which is coming to an end.

Austin – Send Nudes. My baby. The vibe was sleezy hip hop / RNB / Vintage muff.


Interviewer – Send Nudes was honestly so good. I’m definitely a little sad it’s all over. HOWEVER – we wouldn’t be sat here chatting shit & revealing something new and exciting if Send nudes didn’t step down!

Austin – Exactly.

Interviewer – TELL ME – about this new night happening at Trof!!

Austin – Still sleazy vibes but moving into a more upbeat direction. Camp disco – Fruity soulful house.

Interviewer – Why the change?

Austin – I fancied a re-fresh. A rebranding. I’m playing more soulful disco these days & also everywhere in NQ plays RNB. I want to try something new. An antidote to new vibes in NQ.

Interviewer – When is this launching?

Austin – This Saturday!

Interviewer – I heard there’s Happy Hour pints all night – sleezy cocktails – I can’t bloody wait!

Austin – Me too!!

Interviewer – What’s the night called?

Austin – Pillow Talk.

Interviewer – You sexy man.




Interviewer – You’ve heard it here folks – Saturday 26TH – 8PM – Come down for cheap drinks & sleazy disco.

Lastly – Shout out to our talented Holly Kitch for designing such a killer poster.

Austin – For sure.

Interviewer – See you Saturday.

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